Make profitable Texas Hold'em decisions just like the pros!

Poker Math Wizard is a dynamic, interactive Excel-based (macro-enabled) computer tool designed to give you the calculated power to exploit your opponents!

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Risk-Reward Analysis

- Pot Odds and Pot Odds Ratio
- Break-Even Analysis
- Bluff Break-Even Analysis
- Expected Value (EV)
- Semi-Bluff and Pure Bluff EV
- Fold Equity Acquired
- Bluff Break-Even Fold Rates Needed
- Implied Odds on a Winning Draw

Your Opponent and Their Hand

- Opponent Types and Tendencies
- Common Range Charts
- Their Range and Board Probabilities
- Frequency Their Range Hits the Flop
- Range-Board Interaction

Your Hand

- Versus Your Opponent’s Range of Hands
- Board Probabilities
- Percentage of the Time it Hits the Flop
- Draw Equity Thru the River

So many analysis features all in one easy-to-use tool.

Ever wonder if you could’ve played your hand better? Poker Math Wizard is a great tool for post-game review to determine optimal actions, make adjustments and lock-in future wins. PokerMathWIzard gives you easier to grasp interrelationships between your hand, your opponent’s hand range and your risk-reward probabilities.

Amazing Features

Poker Math Wizard is based on mathematical thought processes used by winning poker players around the world! So many features in an easy to use all-in-one analysis tool!

Make the right move at the right time!

Make profitable choices and reduce losses with this fun, easy to step through tool. Designed for quick, informed, profit generating Texas Hold'em decisions.

Control the Action

Knowing the odds you are getting and giving provides you the ability to control the outcome of the game. Expected value calculations are great for post-game review to determine if your actions were +EV.

Escape Losing Situations

Be in the know and use proven math strategies to aid in choosing the best option…call, bet, raise or fold to maximize profits and cut losses. Adding this weapon to your arsenal will cement +EV concepts you can access on the fly!

Become the Power Player at every Texas Hold'em Table

Turn what used to be guess work into probable odds by confirming your strategies with math.

Affordable Pricing

Harness the Power of Insight by Gaining Access to the Poker Math Wizard today!

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The complex and daunting task of analyzing the various moving parts behind +EV choices can be complicated, but our Poker Math Wizard Excel Spreadsheet is concise and easy to use. If something doesn't make sense ... please feel free to reach out with your question.

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